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CANNA POWER hemp oil  is made from legally grown European industrial hemp and contains a natural compound named Cannabidiol (CBD) that is one of at 85 active cannabinoids identified in cannabis.
It is a major phytocannabinoid, accounting for up to 40% of the plant’s extract. It is not psychoactive but has a very enjoyable, relaxing effect on the whole body.

Our production process is unique.
We are the only company in the world with the laboratory facilities to refine hemp oil into high quality vapable CBD.

Our Reviews

  • " I get a real buzz sitting round with a group of friends, chatting all night as we puff away, it really gets us talking and having fun." Chloe • Community Manager CBD E-Liquids
  • " Vaping stop me snacking at work, helps me focus and keeps me relaxed even during though days in front of my computer. " Jorge • Art Director Canna Power
  • " My migraines vanish in thirty minutes, and the experience alwaya leaves me feeling upbeat, optimistic and energised " Sandro • Flavours Lab Canna Power
  • " Vape before Yoga is the perfect combination, taking my practise to a higher level, and leaving me feeling refreshed and ready for anything. " Ernesto • Co-Founder Canna Power
  • " It’s helped me give up cigarettes, and now I chill out with the silky smooth flavours and create tornados and clouds.. " Isak • Shop Manager CBD E-Liquids